Kid Centric Sports Association Scholarship Program

KCSA has provided scholarships and support to foster youth, children of families in crisis and underserved youth. The purpose and goal of KCSA is for youth to be able to develop their fine and gross motor skills as they grow and develop to their full potential. Through sports, music, arts, healthy activities, and other local programs, many youth have been able to feel valued, develop self-discipline, set goals, and see the rewards of their efforts. They have learned the importance of teamwork, cooperation, and good citizenship skills. While ribbons, medals and trophies have been won over the years, the most notable result has been the intrinsic reward that each youth recognizes when they believe in themselves. KCSA’s goals include reaching out to all youth in need of funding, regardless of race, religion and ethnic background, so they may participate in healthy activities and sports of their choosing.


Kid Centric Sports Association seeks scholarship requests from individual youth that have a desire to participate in active and healthy sports, activities and/or youth groups but may have financial barriers to participation.

Group Grant

Kid Centric Sports Association also provides funding for youth groups who would like to participate in active and healthy sports and/or activities, but have a financial barrier preventing participation.